Monthly Archives: February 2022

  The psychology behind pyramid schemes is a fascinating yet deceptive curiosity. The initial recruiter forms the apex of the pyramid. They then offer a lucrative deal of goods or services in return for investment. The initial recruit has to recruit more members to recoup their invested money. Furthermore, those members have to recruit even […]

  This SmartFi review is the result of a discussion I had a couple of days ago with a friend regarding the DeFi industry. I decided to take a closer look, particularly at SmartFi loans. He asked was Smartfi a scam? Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, thousands have followed. New “sub” industries such as NFTs […]

  NFT market platforms are attracting a big audience, namely artists and creators to the cryptocurrency space. NFTs provide a new way for artists and content creators to control their work. Furthermore it opens p new revenue streams to them. Central to this is the need for market places and exchanges to facilitate the trade […]