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Exchange controls can be a real headache for some people. It is an arcane method to control money flowing out of the country. Governments employ this mechanism to keep the local currency stable. The biggest problem with FOREX controls is that it severely restricts business. This is a result of the bureaucratic and laborious process […]

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Blockchain is a buzzword to most people and very few know its real use case or understand the underlying technology. Many people do not even know what problem a blockchain solves. Even fewer people know the problem exists in the first place. Since the inception of bitcoin, hoards of developers, companies and projects have jumped […]

Bitcoin Mining

July 21, 2013 Learn
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Bitcoin Mining Contracts or Investment opportunities are one of the ways by which many people are introduced to Bitcoin.  But what exactly is bitcoin mining you ask? Well, to explain that, I need to explain the blockchain.    Bitcoin Mining is All About the Blockchain All the transactions for a cryptocurrency are recorded on one […]